The Venue at Serenity Falls
4866 Kennedale New Hope Road Suite 310 Fort Worth, Texas 76140
(817) 487-0489
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Here you'll find the policies and restrictions of The Venue at Serenity Falls. We encourage all guests to read this section closely. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please give us a call at (817) 487-0489.

our restrictions

- No fishing in ponds

- No throwing rocks in ponds or water features

- No swimming or playing in ponds or water features

- Upstairs is for the main VIP guests only for the use of getting ready only

- NO Glass Containers

- Ready rooms and salon are for Main VIP guest only and should be shut during events

- No up and down the staircase by general guest

- No playing, blocking access to or hanging out on the shoe staircase

- No food or drinks in any carpeted areas

- No drinking outside except in fence patio area

- No permanent or semi permanent modifications to venue property

- No Smoking of any kind inside venue (this includes electronic cigarettes)

- No exploring or wandering around other adjacent properties or businesses

- Guest cannot self serve alcohol

our requirements

- TABC Bartender when serving alcohol

- Security Guard when serving mixed drinks

- Event Insurance

- All Adult Beverages must be served by TABC Bartender

- $1000 NON REFUNDABLE Reservation fee (goes towards venue payment)

- $500 Security deposit

- Credit Card on file for incidentals

- A copy of TABC Certificate

- A go-to person in charge of children

- All vendors must have appropriate insurance and permits for their respected field of services to be approved by Serenity Falls

our notices

- All events must end by 11PM unless agreed upon in writing on the contract.

- Approved Open Vendors are allowed

- All clean up and set up must be completed in allotted time

- Failure to have TABC Bartender may result in NO alcohol being served or loss of deposit if we provide one

- Serenity Falls reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone we feel is a threat to the venue and or its guest

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